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Dear parent/carer

Baby massage is an excellent way of connecting with your baby. Develops the feeling of being loved respected and secure and also gives parents and carers practical tools to ease common conditions.

  • The classes include
  • 4 one hour meetings with the instructor
  • Teaching of gentle strokes and caresses over the infant’s skin
  • Learning when to massage your baby
  • Learning how to comfort your baby by using specific strokes for conditions like colic ,constipation or increasing circulation and muscle tone and improve quality of sleep

You will be provided with

  • Oil
  • Mats -Cushions
  • Handouts
  • Personalized certificate with baby’s name
  • Refreshments
  • a lovely gift bag with baby massage essentials

My aim is to provide a personal experience for each baby and their parent/caregiver and help you to relax and bond together with your baby.

Kindest Regards

Dr Theodora Mitraka

Infant Massage Instructor

The classes are held in Craigmarloch Cumbernauld

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